Add-on Services

Meal Planning & Meal Prep

Making healthy food choices is all about planning ahead and that is exactly what meal prep with Emsley allows you to do. During your initial assessment, we will discuss your food preferences to help me develop a meal plan tailored to your lifestyle. I will then send you a grocery list and once you buy the ingredients, we will find a time to prep together to set you and your family up for nutritious days ahead.

Service currently unavailable due to COVID-19.
Cooking with Emsley

What the heck are overnight oats? Does the Instant Pot really work? What should I put in my smoothie? Let Emsley guide you through the maze of trendy food options and appliances.

Service currently unavailable due to COVID-19.

1 hour session

Grocery Store Tours

Unsure of what to put in your grocery cart? If food labels and ingredients are confusing and you often find yourself wandering through the grocery store aisles unsure what to do, let's tackle it together! We will visit your local grocery store where you will learn how to shop and become more confident and knowledgeable in navigating through the store. I will help you create a delicious shopping list tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.  

Service currently unavailable due to COVID-19.

1.5 hour session

Pantry Makeover

Living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has a lot to do with food you have in your kitchen. If you want to clean out your pantry or refrigerator but have no idea where to start, I am here to help. Enjoy a personalized in-home consultation to help you organize your pantry and refrigerator, and learn how to stock up on nutrient-dense foods. 

Service currently unavailable due to COVID-19.
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