Meredith M.

"Emsley has provided great recipes and product recommendations to meet my goals! She is knowledgeable about a variety of eating styles and approaches to health".

"We hired Emsley to give our kids a unique & age-appropriate cooking lesson & it has really changed the way our family thinks about food. She found fun ways to teach nutritional values, involve the kids in food prep, & help us evaluate the ways we fuel our body."

Sarah P.

"I have been struggling to find a good nutritionist and I have found one in Emsley. Emsley does not judge you or your past experiences with food: instead, she makes it so that you can work to build a healthy relationship with food you love. She has an endless amount of recipes and is always willing to share her own successes with you! Anyone who needs a nutritionist need only look to Emsley for help!"

Sarah E.

Angie B.

"I highly recommend Emsley! She is very professional, organized and easy to work with. I look forward to working with her more to achieve my goals!"

"Emsley has been a huge blessing to me and my family. I came to Emsley feeling defeated (and hungry!) after another professional put me on a very strict diet. Since working with Emsley, I have begun to enjoy eating again. She has helped me to develop well-rounded meals that leave me feeling satisfied. My kids LOVE Emsley's recipes, and we can now share ONE meal together. I am very grateful for her help, and I HIGHLY recommend her. She is very professional, informed, intelligent, kind, and she has the best recipes!"

Seana D.

Khloe W.

"Emsley is knowledgeable and professional. She sets realistic and measurable goals that takes my lifestyle and schedule into consideration. She is also invested in the progress towards my goals and very responsive when I need follow-up. Her goals also educated me in ways that allowed me to make better nutrition choices such as healthier substitutions when cooking for my family. Her meal ideas are delicious and healthy, yet does not leave you feeling hungry. I also appreciate her flexible schedule. Thanks Emsley!"



"I started using Emsley in January. I appreciate her honest approach to nutrition. While I thought I knew how to read a label, apparently I didn’t. She always comes to our meetups with examples of all different varieties of foods to try, recipes and coupons. My main goal is ultimately to lose some weight, but most importantly to feel healthier... so far so good."

Suzanne H.

"Emsley has been a tremendous help in assisting me on how to eat in a more healthy fashion. She is very knowledgeable, flexible and understanding. Emsley gives comprehensive guidance and tips on how to achieve my goals. I am delighted to be working with her and would absolutely recommend her to anyone I know looking for a nutrition consultation."

"Passionate, knowledgeable, and amazing! Learn so much from Emsley about healthy eating & changes all the time! Highly recommend Eats by Emsley for whatever level of help you need!"

Allison W.

Marc & Meg


"Emsley loves what she does and her enthusiasm is reflected in her work as a nutritionist. My Husband and I decided to meet with Emsley for a "second opinion". We are both healthy eaters, but we're always looking to do better. We spent about an hour with Emsley and it was worth it. Emsley asked a lot of questions about both of us to gain an understanding of our eating habits, health history, and our goals...To her credit, Emsley is not at all judgmental. She looked to improve upon the basic eating style that fits our lifestyle".

"I lost a lot of weight in a short time and I come from a family where the belief is that the women are all "big boned," but I didn't want to go back to that. Emsley helped me crush the anxiety of ordering at restaurants and helped me give myself the permission I needed to accept my sustainable healthy lifestyle. I'm a very Type A girl, so having someone to be real with was invaluable and I recommend Emsley to anyone who is looking to create a truly sustainable healthy lifestyle!"

Kristalyn M.

Kevin R.

"I hired Emsley as my nutritionist about six weeks ago and it was the best decision I've made. The last thing I wanted was to drive myself crazy counting calories and now I don't have to. She has a variety of online tools to bolster your success. She's very knowledgeable, supportive, and amiable. She's also very flexible in offering consultations. I look forward to our meetings every time and I always come away feeling confident and ready to tackle my goals. Thank you for everything! Her Instagram account @eatsbyemsley is pretty groovy too. Check it out!"

Eats By Emsley